The Ketupat Set - Raya Edition

Introducing Zahara’s Raya Edition saver, The Ketupat set!

This set includes:
1X Medusa
1X First Snow
1X Nerfertiti

First Snow
A clean white nail polish that brings you back to a winter wonderland. Pigmented, rich, white shade. Use for detailed nail art or as a base coat for your nail design to really pop! 

This stunning shade (literally) will make your peers go green with envy. What better shade to represent the venomous yet compelling Empress of Serpents. With this murky grey-ish green colour on your nails, don’t be surprised when you catch the gaze of many people! 

Make way, for the queen has arrived. Embody the greatest Queen of Egypt with a wash of this sandy light coloured nude. Power, grace and beauty all one bottle!