5 Easy Egg Recipes to Try This Weekend

April 19, 2017 1 min read

Healthy food gets a lot a flak for being (a) expensive, (b) too difficult to make or (c) tasteless. In truth, there’s a lot of healthy options out there that won’t burn a hole through your wallet and taste good to boot! A perfect example? Eggs, of course! They’re the whole package; cheap, convenient and delicious. Not only that, eggs give you energy, help manage your weight and build up your eye and muscle strength. They’re full of healthy proteins, vitamins, choline and lutein, which makes your skin looking dewy-fresh and beautiful!

Want easy, quick egg recipes to try for yourself or share with your loved ones this weekend? Look no further as we have 5 such recipes. If you’re as lazy as us (Hey! It’s the weekend!) and want to make healthier food options, try these on for size. We’ve given you 3 savoury egg recipes and 2 sweet ones so you don’t have to choose! And remember, eggs are good not just for breakfast, but lunch, dinner and even as a snack. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with eggs!

1. Microwave Coffee Cup Scramble

Easy Egg Recipes

2. Cookie Cutter Toad-In-A-Hole

Easy Egg Recipes

3. Microwave Egg & Veggie Breakfast Bowl

Easy Egg Recipes

4. PB & J Crunchy French Toast

Easy Egg Recipes

5. Apple-Cinnamon Oatmeal with an Egg Boost

Easy Egg Recipes

(All recipes retrieved from incredibleegg.org.com

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