Our Story

Zahara is a beauty brand that empowers women to make well-being a priority. We live to create products that not only have amazing benefits for your nails and skin but are also high-performing so you’ll stay on top of your beauty game. 


We celebrate women putting themselves first - their dreams, their well-being and their beliefs. It’s not about meeting the expectations of others, but to carve our own paths and to live life on our own terms. This ethos is reflected in our diverse #ZaharaWarrior tribe of strong and confident women, who inspire and are inspired by one another.


Credit to: Crazycat & Shamsydar Ani PhotographyCredit to: Crazycat & Shamsydar Ani Photography

Zahara was a dream my sister, Alia and I had when we were younger. Growing up in Australia allowed me to experience the high standard of quality most beauty products there have. However, I didn’t want Zahara to be just another beauty brand. This gave me the drive to make sure Zahara goes one step further than that.

I’d like to think that I have a rather high expectation for the beauty products that I use. So it goes without saying that all Zahara’s products are vegan, cruelty-free and on top of being a Muslim woman, our nail polish formula is also halal-certified. Inclusivity should no longer be a trend, it should be a benchmark. All that said, I still needed to see how Zahara could make more of a difference.

So what makes us different? It’s what we believe in and what we stand for. Which is you. Since starting Zahara, I have always been inspired by strong women around me. Curious to learn more about their success and stories, I began interviewing some of these figures and blogging about it. After every interview, I couldn’t help but feel a new sense of motivation and I wanted to pass this on. That’s where the #ZaharaWarrior series began. 

My goal is to build a community of women helping women be their best self. To be your best self means putting yourself first once in a while. Being a mother, wife, sister and daughter, I know what it’s like when your priorities seem to put everyone ahead of yourself. Zahara is a reminder to not neglect yourself. 

At last, Zahara is here to be a nail-care brand that you can finally relate to.