June 27, 2017 2 min read

With Eid in full swing, we can't help but to put together some of our favourites. Whether these may serve as your inspo for this weekend's rendang feasting, or it's just the perfect scroll-through, you won't be disappointed!



In love with my outfit!! Thank you @enpointe.co for resuming your operations earlier than expected!


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Come and support these four awesome brands at #celebfest2017 guys!! @lullyselb @lulualhadad @greybyortenhill and @fatimahmohsin @propupstore 😍😍 This is your chance to get hold of your baju raya if you have not gotten any! @lulualhadad is having big sale on her Rania collections, and selling off some kaftans at half priced too! @lullyselb beautiful white dress is super comfy even a pregnant mummy like me choose to wear this for my raya this season!:) @greybyortenhill @trisnoishak are also there with the super awesome leather sandals! If you wish to have a comfy GOOD quality pair of sandals for raya or even every day use, #greybyortenhill is the best choice guys:) @fatimahmohsin is having her raya collections there together with oh so beautiful house deco and flower arrangements!! @propupstore #celebfest #celebfest2017 will be on going from today till Sunday- 10Am to 10pm!!!!! AH CEPAT CEPAT CEPAT!!!

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