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June 23, 2015 2 min read

Here are 9 tips to get you on your way to never having cracked or dried out lips again!

1. As with everything beauty related, water is magic. The major cause for cracked and dried out lips is dehydration. Solution = Lots of water. Make it a personal challenge to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Why stop at 8 push yourself!

2.STAY AWAY from wax or petroleum based lip balms. Simple butters are best. Key ingredients to look for in your lip balm are: shea butter, lanolin, cocoa butter, vitamin E and macadamia oil. Not all lip balms moisturize, there is a difference between lip wax and lip moisturizer. Once your lips are moisturized then apply a lip wax to seal it in. Burt's Bees Beeswax (everyone's favourite I know) will lock in the moisture but does not actually help keep your lips from cracking!

3.Another easy fix is sleeping with a humidifier at night, the added moisture in the air will do wonders for your body & lips.

4.If you're going to be in the sun, your lippies need UV protection too. Make sure to apply well before heading outside, just like sunscreen it needs time to kick in!

5.Like the rest of your body, your lips need to be exfoliated. This can be done with a simple home made mixture of sugar and honey. Or even by taking a new toothbrush and gently rubbing it back and forth across your lips – you may want to dedicate a special brush for this. Exfoliating is also perfect before applying any lip stick or lip gloss – it keeps the color on way longer.

6. Don't lick your lips, it's definitely not moisturizing them it's actually instantly drying them out!

7.As you already know stay away from matte lipstick. If you want to wear lipstick we recommend rocking satin and sheer lipstick, if you need help check out Lipstick for Dummies.

8.Any spicy, salty, or citrus food is bad for cracked lips, wait until they are back to normal before eating these foods again.

9.Beware of your face cleanser. That could be drying out your lips! To prevent this, put on your lip balm before doing your daily facial cleanse, this will guarantee to keep them protected.

Pro Tip:Avoid buying yummy smelling flavoured lip balm, it usually contains more chemicals and doesn't have many moisturizing properties & this will help prevent you from licking your lips 24/7!

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