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April 19, 2017 3 min read

One look at Nur Fatin and you’d think that she is an intimidating fashionista. Once you get to know her, you’d find that this popular style and lifestyle blogger is one of the nicest and most down-to-earth person you’ll ever meet, with an acute sense of fashion to boot! Fatin is part of Singapore’s growing pool of modest fashion influencers and with over 16000 followers on Instagram, we’re not the only ones who think that. Her quiet strength and confidence, which shines brightly through her petite frame, is what draws people to her and makes her such an icon in the local hijab fashion scene. Quoting the Olsen twins as her fashion inspiration and armed with a “this-piece-of-cloth-on-my-head-doesn’t-stop-me-from-being-fabulous” attitude, Fatin’s plan to take over the world seems to be right on track!

Nur Fatin
Our beautifully chic Zahara Warrior in an all-black ensemble (the only colour she wears!) to Peti Solek Primadona 2016

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
I don’t eat vegetables! Although I have been trying to eat the vegetables in my burgers.

We love your IG feed and your stylish aesthetic! Who do you follow on Instagram to get inspiration?
Thank you! I follow a lot of minimalist style bloggers namely @figtny, @katherineivon and many more.

Nur Fatin
Fatin with fellow Muslimah influencers, @fatihafaulzi and @dalillahismail, in Kuala Lumpur for Adila Long Intemporal 2016

Describe your style sense.
I would say it is a mix of normcore and minimalist. Somewhere in between definitely. Oh! With lots of black/white/grey (mostly black)!

What’s your favourite Zahara product?
It has to be the matte lip cream! I am not keen on the liquid lipstick trend only because I have very dry lips. Matte lipsticks just won’t look good on my lips. But Zahara’s lip cream is beautiful. It doesn’t feel drying and the colours are amazing! And if I could add one more, it’s the nail polish remover. I love putting on nail colour but the removing process is always a chore. So Zahara’s nail polish remover is a god-send.

Nur Fatin
Wearing an exaggerated blouse to Zalora Style Awards where she won Best Dressed! (Psst…She’s also wearing Zahara’s lipcream in Warrior!)

As a Zahara Warrior, what advice would you give someone hoping to start her own fashion/beauty blog?
My only advice is – Start a blog because you are passionate about sharing your looks and/or products not because you want to be famous. Especially not because you want free products! When you do something you love, it shows.

If you could go back in time to 5 years ago, what would you tell your former self?
Things will not go the way you plan but it is okay. It is okay to fail and fall. You will meet new people and change is inevitable. And you’ll still be awesome. Hehe!

Nur Fatin
Her favourite outfit this year thus far: a sequinned skirt and faux suede jacket. And doesn’t she look fabulous? 

What is on your bucket list?
I want to travel far and wide. I want to meet people and see new places. Even if it’s a new state in Malaysia or Indonesia.

Don’t forget to follow this chic Zahara Warrior on her Instagram, Facebook as well as her blog! Since she’s travelling in Italy right now, we wish her lots of fun and safe travels!

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