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We all know the saying “The camera makes you 10 pounds heavier!” and to a certain extent, it kinda does! The science behind it is finding the right balance between lighting, camera angles, makeup and also your posture/actions. While we’re no experts with lighting and cameras, we certainly know a thing or two on how to slay your makeup in front of the cameras!

Follow these tips down below and you’ll be on the same side.

1. Get some beauty sleep

We all know concealer really only exists to cover up zits and those awful dark circles under your eyes. While concealer is a great makeup tool, try and do yourself some good and get a well-rested sleep the night before your big event.

2. Drink plenty of water
Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water before you go to bed when you first wake up and throughout your entire day! This will help your skin look it’s best on camera. Tons of makeup artist always say, less is best! This is to avoid your makeup looking piled on and cakey on camera.


3. Prep your skin!

I’m talking more hydration and moisturizing. Yes, always start with a great water-based moisturizer that works well with any skin type. While a rich cream would guarantee moisture the thing about them is that you tend to produce more oils throughout the day than you would with a water-based moisturizer.

This step also includes a pore-filling and mattifying primer. Let’s face it. You don’t want to look like a disco ball in front of the camera hence, makeup tends to be more mattifying.


4. Avoid SPF or sunscreen
Even cameramen are aware of the horror of wearing SPF under any harsh lighting. SPF tends to have light reflecting properties which leaves a white cast over your face and will make you look like you have a mask on. Not a very pretty sight for the cameras!

5. Choose a mattifying foundation

As mentioned earlier, makeup artists usually prefer to mattify skin even though you may have dry skin. This is to ensure that the light that bounces on your skin is evenly distributed.

For girls who have dry skin, the secret to wearing mattifying foundation lies in prepping your skin and double up your primer with a pore-filler only where you need and use a hydrating primer for the rest of your face. You should be able to choose a demi-matte finish that gives a matte look but still leaves your skin with enough hydration.

6. Only apply highlighter very sparingly

    It’s tricky to balance the light and make sure skin does look like skin, so any amount of super striking highlighter is a big no-no. Avoid looking streaky and oily by only applying highlighter very lightly above your cheekbones.


    7. Use the right powder

      Go for a finely milled powder with no light reflective particles. Did you remember when Angelina Jolie became a victim of flashback photography? Here’s a reminder.

      Credit: StyleCaster

      Think mattifying, non-light reflective particles!


      8. Go heavy on your face and eyes!

      It’s okay to go a little heavy handed with your eyeshadow and face makeup. Reason being, depending on the camera and lights, colours are usually washed out if all these elements are not balanced well.

      It’s okay to overcompensate a little bit with your eye look and especially blush and bronzer.


      9.Blotting sheets and more powder

        Under the warm and bright camera lights, things would heat up a little and you are guaranteed to sweat a little more. There will always be a makeup artist on standby with blotting sheets and more powder to touch up any oils you’ve created!


        10. Lipstick check

          Finally, this is an oldie, but a goodie. Do your lipstick check. What’s worse than looking super good and then when you flash a smile, there’s lipstick on your teeth?! What a nightmare!

          Before the cameras start rolling, bust out your trusty index finger and do a pop between your lips. This will help remove the excess lipstick around your lips what will likely transfer to your teeth if you are not careful.

          Credit: Cosmopolitan

          Now all you need is some lights, camera, rolling….. And ACTION!

          Let us know if we saved your life with these tips and what you will definitely be picking up the next time you have an opportunity to shine in front of the cameras.

          Till then, happy camera day!

          Love from,


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