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Yes, you read right. We gave those infamous Pinterest tutorials a shot! I must admit I too have my moments where I get sucked into pretty and interesting Pinterest hacks and may have a few boards saved with all them. They’re simple to read, they usually provide an informative visual but I’ve always wondered… How simple are these tutorials and how well do these hacks really work?

Well, Zahara has come up with a new YouTube series which investigates these Pinterest Tutorials so that you don’t have to make a mess! The first installment in this series follows a geometric nail art design.

Here’s how we did it:

We searched for geometric nail designs and found this image on Pinterest:


This brought us to aCosmopolitan website which we found super interesting filled with cool hacks that we definitely tried out.

So looking at the image above there wasn’t any text or directions which we could follow. We could have read up the short paragraph available on the website but we decided to treat it as a purely Pinterest tutorial by only access it through the website.

According to Image 1:


We could see that there were two nails already done while a third was in the process. We can assume that a base coat was painted which was a light minty blue, similar to our very own Arctic Queen. Then, the tape was pasted in a triangular shape over the top of the nails and painted over with a darker turquoise blue shade.

Let’s take a look at the second image:



Not much of a help is it, we know we eventually have to remove the tape!

Let’s move forward to image 3:


Ah, the big reveal! Look at those clean lines and it is indeed such a cool design which would make others think you got your nails done professionally!

This is definitely making us super optimistic about our very own attempt. Finally image 4, which is the beautiful reveal for all the nails.


All in all, this Pinterest tutorial didn’t give us very much information or rather very many steps to follow according to the pictures. Most of our information which we could get came from the first image itself and it was through inference which we can sort of identify the different steps that were taken to achieve this geometric nail art.

Well if you want to see how we did you can watch it here:


Overall, it was an easy tutorial to follow and the results were not bad considering it was our first time! We do recommend you try it for yourself because the results do look as if you have gotten your nails professionally done - especially if you do it well.

Here are our thoughts on some pros and cons/ things to look out for when you try this tip!


  • We love the fact that this tutorial was so easy to follow and only required two nail polishes and tape.
  • We adore how our nails turned out even though we didn’t execute it so well but it does look put a spin on your regular manicure


  • Using a tape that had way too much stickiness. Look for less sticky alternatives, perhaps you might have an old roll of tape which just doesn’t stick as well as you’d like… Don’t throw it out! I would be such a great use for this tutorial!

Things to look out for:

  • Be patient. Due to time constraints as we were filming this, there was an awful lot of waiting around which we didn’t have time for. Otherwise, we believe that this tutorial would have worked out well if we actually gave it a good amount of time to settle and dry before applying the tape as well as removing it!

That’s was our first attempt at a Pinterest tutorial, but stay tuned we have a few more heading your way as part of our brand new series!

Enjoy, and don’t forget to follow us on our YouTube channel for more of these fun tutorials. If you do have a tutorial you would like us to try let us know and we will find out if we nail it or fail it!

Till next time!

Love from,




(Written by Luxmee Sabapathy)

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