Should We Break Up With Lip Gloss?

April 19, 2017 2 min read

Should We Break Up With Lip Gloss?

Lips make every face look complete – the perfect final touch for a fresh face. One question I've been asked recently is "Does anyone still wear lip gloss", So I've decided to do the research and let you know. Unsure also? read on!

The different types: Full Color, Sheer, Glitter, SPF Protection.

Okay first things first say goodbye to the sparkly shimmery gloss that could be mistaken as glue from high school. Lip gloss IS wearable if you get one with a nice tint that will play up your face.


  • The trick is to get one that's a nice pink or red that you can wear over top of your lip liner. This will give the effect of lipstick but just a little glossier.
  • Lip gloss is also perfect for dramatic eyes, like the smoky eye. A subtle gloss is perfect because it will give your face the complete look without taking away from your fabulous eyes!


  • If you want barely there lips, gloss is great! Your lips will be appreciated just not noticed a million miles away. Lip gloss is light feeling as if nothing is there, unless you pick an extra sticky brand- yuck.
  • Lip gloss will keep those kissers healthy and rejuvenated not dried out and cracked, sometimes the bad effect of lipstick.


  • Lip gloss may seem easy with the fun application tools but to be honest it's a mess. The awful feeling of your hair getting stuck to your lips we've all been there.
  • You are lucky if it lasts more than 30 minutes because it has such a quick life. Also it doesn't hold much colour, it is not nearly as vibrant as lipstick.


For the second coat of gloss focus on applying more on the center of your bottom lip. This will give you a defined pout and beautiful looking lips!

At the end of the day lip gloss still has a place in our heart – I think we will stick together.

Oh ya don't forget the perfect sound track to any gloss session.


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