The Perfect Day Trip for Less Than $15

April 19, 2017 2 min read

We know that week after week it can be exhausting trying to motivate yourself to go to the gym. We have a full day activity that will make you break out into a sweat AND is less than $15 – amazing right? This past weekend I was able to experience Pulau Ubin and am now the island’s biggest fan!

1st: Grab your guys and girls and head over to Changi Point Terminal.

2nd: Once there you wait until there are 12 people to catch a bumboat over to the island. Better yet bring 11 other friends and you wont have to wait at all! The cost is 2.50SGD a person or 30SGD for the boat.

3rd: You can bring your bikes from home but if your like myself and don’t have one, there are endless places to rent them on the island. You can either grab an “old” bike which is 8SGD or a “new” bike for 15SGD. I did the old bike and loved it – makes you peddle that much harder.

4th: Explore the island! You have the bike for the day so you can pack a lunch or buy food on the island. Buying is a better idea… don’t want to have any monkeys climbing you! There are countless trails to bike on paved ones, easy, medium, expert trails, and then mountain biking.

The island is spectacular and makes you feel completely out of the city. There is lots of wild life to see including monkeys and wild pigs. Chek Jawa Wetland is fantastic! Keep your eye out for the durian – its everywhere. Don’t worry you’ll be sure to smell it!

You can take a little trail walk and go along the coastal boardwalk. Definitely a refreshing weekend activity!

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