5 Simple Steps to Sexy Smokey Eyes

April 19, 2017 2 min read

Some women stay far away from the smokey eye trend as they’re afraid of coming off looking like racoons or worse, beaten-up racoons. Well, have no fear ladies! We at Zahara are here to dispel the myth that it takes 56 steps to achieve the perfect smouldering gaze…by only giving you 5 simple steps! This classic look may look complicated but is in fact, pretty simple. The key is to keep blending to create depth that not only gives your eyes definition, but also an undeniably sexy vibe.

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Step 1:Apply an eye primer onto your eyelid. If you don’t have one, try a creamy concealer instead. This ensures that your eye makeup will stay on all day and more importantly, creates a smooth, even surface for your eyeliner and eyeshadow to stick to.

Step 2:Take your favourite black eyeliner (be it liquid, gel or pencil) and line your top lash line from the inner corner to the outer corner. If you like the winged eyeliner look (like us!), continue drawing a diagonal line upward from the outer corner of your lash line. Then draw a line connecting the wing to the middle of your eyelid and fill inside the lines.

Step 3:With a black eye pencil, line your lower lashes. Smudge the line with a brush, your finger or a cotton bud to balance the smokiness of your upper eyelid.

Step 4:Using a blending brush or your trusty finger, sweep a charcoal eyeshadow into the outer corner of your eye and the crease. Continue to blend inwards across your eyelid. Always start with little eyeshadow as you can gradually build up the intensity of the colour.

Step 5:Finish off the look with your favourite mascara for long, thick eyelashes!


And that’s it; 5 simple steps to sexy smokey eyes! Try this look with a peachy blush and nude lips and you’re ready to set the world ablaze with your smouldering gaze. Watch out, world!

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