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6 Hijab Makeup Looks From Our Idols

April 19, 2017 2 min read

We love that how the hijab can take away all distraction and really zoom in on our true natural beauty. Here are 6 looks we absolutely love from major hijab makeup artists.

1.Dalalid is now one of the most influential bloggers from Kuwait. She has captured a spectacular new way to do eyeliner, we are huge fans of the green eyeliner with a white outfit.

Computer Hope
2.Imane is absolutely flawless. We love how she captures the “less is more” look. With a light touch of mascara, a clean face, and a barley there lip-gloss she definitely is the guru for natural beauty.

Computer Hope
3.Sanna does the sexiest twist on the smoky eye we have ever seen. She is truly the queen of the smoky eye as she is always adding a little pop to top it off! We are especially digging this look with the fierce red and orange.

Computer Hope
4.Ruba Zai is the expert when it comes to the perfect winged cat eye. She does a light eye shadow, accents it with a bold eyeliner paired with luscious long lashes.

Computer Hope
5.Zukreat Nazar is a professional makeup artist and does many fabulous looks. We really love the strawberry lip color she uses. It is cute and subtle but definitely noticeable. Creating the perfect pout!

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6.Nura Afia does the no-make up look and kills it. With a little on her lashes she keeps the rest bare. She is killer at the full face of make-up but equally as beautiful with none.

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We love the attention these girls put on their eyes as hijab modesty allows us to focus on the true beauty of our faces!

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