The 5 Most Stylish Arabs

April 19, 2017 2 min read

These five ladies have got so much style going on it’s too hot to handle. Each of these girls really showcase their personalities through their choice in clothing and accessories. Not to mention have killer instagram accounts to capture their unforgettable looks. Enjoy!

Ascia AKF

For a Kuwaiti/American wife and a mama she has got it going on. Alongside her husband Ahmad they run a fashion blog documenting their unbelievable outfits and style. The duo is cleverly called The Hybrids due to their mixed heritage. Their blog is filled with stunning photo shoots that show off unreal outfits, we’re totally jealous.

Tala Samman

My Fash Diary if you haven’t heard of it hop on the internet and start reading, it is pure gold! Tala edits a phenomenal style blog that captures so many stunning looks and is complete inspiration if you are ever in need of some motivation for your next outfit.

Farah Abdel Aziz

Farah is one of the three beautiful sisters from an up and rising show The Sisters. All three are gorgeous, do beautiful makeup, and have kicka$$ outfits! Not only is Farah an absolute fashionista she also graduated from Beirut’s Saint Joseph University with a degree in management. Brilliant and beauty a deadly combination!

Dala Aldoub

Dala previously mentioned in our of our blogs for her unforgettable makeup looks and now we are returning loving her again for her fashion side. We really love how she showcases each outfit and really makes them pop against the background. You always get to see the entire outfit and appreciate it for its glam.

Dana Al Khalifa

Dana is a total beach babe; we love following her because of her stunning outfits with amazing backgrounds. She inspires us to travel to exotic places while wearing fun print dresses. Her instagram is a breath of fresh air as so many of her posts focus on the actual outfit and not on herself, a true modest queen.

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